Dictation, simplified

Dictate⁺ offers outstanding sound quality, impressively accurate voice activation, secure encryption, and a wealth of transcription options for your dictations.


Overwrite or insert. You decide!

Smooth rewinding, overwriting and inserting for professional dictation. Set bookmarks in the dictation, move or delete sections, record in the background or in split-screen mode (iPad), Dictate⁺ leaves nothing to be desired.


With Dictate⁺, you always have a dictaphone with you on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, and you can send your dictations to your transcriptionist from anywhere.

With an optional Bluetooth foot switch, you can even dictate hands-free.


Dictation Management and Sharing ​

Dictate⁺ offers a variety of sharing methods for your dictations, such as e-mail, FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, and cloud services. It generates MP4 and WAV files which can be read by almost any transcription software.

The all-new folder system keeps your dictations organized at all times.


Encryption / security

For doctors, lawyers, accountants, appraisers, journalists, and anyone who dictates a lot, information security is a top priority. You can restrict access to Dictate⁺ with biometric access control, and for maximum security, you can encrypt all data in Dictate⁺ with AES-256.

You can also encrypt dictation files that you share with AES-256, in Zip or GPG format.

Dictate⁺ does not send tracking, metrics, or analysis data of any kind to us or any third party.

From the app directly to transcription

Get rid of tapes, computers and cables and send your dictations to your transcriptionist directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod. We recommend Dictate⁺ Transfer. End-to-end encrypted transfer of dictations to PC or Mac without additional costs. Simple, fast, secure.