Dictate⁺ Transfer

Transfer of your dictations and voice recordings to a PC or Mac

Simple, fast, secure.
All from a single source.


Fast and secure sharing from the app

With Dictate⁺ Transfer, you can send dictations recorded in the app to a PC or Mac quickly, easily and absolutely securely. And all that at no extra cost.

End-to-end encrypted transmission

Each dictation is automatically encrypted directly on your device before transmission according to the highest security standards and then sent.

Only the recipient has the necessary information to decrypt the dictation again. This is done automatically in a freely selectable directory. This way the dictation is directly available for further processing by the recipient.

Easily and quickly set up

On the receiving end (Windows or Mac), simply install our free software for receiving dictations and voice recordings. Scanning the QR code displayed in the software will securely connect Dictate⁺ to the receiving software.

Transfer dictations securely and easily from now on