Dictate⁺ Enterprise

The business version of the successful dictation app Dictate⁺ for use in companies and public authorities.

Enable your team to record dictations in excellent sound quality and share them easily, using transmission paths encrypted according to the highest standards.

Advantages of Dictate⁺ Enterprise

Centralized billing

Simplify your billing process and manage all your Dictate⁺ Enterprise accounts from one central location. With centralized billing, you can easily keep track of all your licenses and bundle your payments.

Volume discounts

Dictate⁺ Enterprise offers volume discounts for companies starting with 5 licenses. Take advantage of our tiered pricing model and get a quote to fit your company’s individual needs. Contact us to receive a personalized quote.

Preconfigure Dictate⁺

This makes setting up new users a breeze: With one configuration file, you can easily set up and enforce sharing destinations for all devices. This feature saves you time when setting up new users and reduces the risk of errors.

Use pre-configuration to ensure that dictations are sent only to approved destinations and using approved sending methods.

Rollout of Dictate⁺ Enterprise in your company

Available via Apple Business Manager to fit into your existing infrastructure.

Easy installation via Mobile Device Management (MDM) or download code.

Frequently asked questions

Dictate⁺ Enterprise is available for businesses and government agencies with 5 or more users. For individuals and private users, see the regular Dictate⁺ version.

Dictate⁺ Enterprise starts at 5 users.

To obtain Dictate⁺ Enterprise, your organization needs a free Apple Business Manager account. Dictate⁺ Enterprise is a so-called “Custom App”, i.e. each customer or prospective customer must be manually activated by us. To do so, please send us both the organization name and the organization ID from your Apple Business Manager account, exactly as they are entered there (preferably by copy & paste), to

For unrestricted operation of Dictate⁺ Enterprise, your organization needs a license or configuration file that personalizes your installation and removes the limit.

Yes, Dictate⁺ Enterprise can be distributed as a managed license via MDM.

No, MDM is optional. You can also obtain so-called “Redemption Codes” in Apple Business Manager instead of regular “Managed Licenses”. Your employees can redeem these codes on their Apple IDs to install the app. The installation of licenses and configurations is possible both centrally via MDM or manually without MDM.

You can install your license either unchanged or as part of a configuration in Dictate⁺ Enterprise. This installation can be done either manually via file import or remote via MDM.

Yes, you can configure most aspects of Dictate⁺ Enterprise by file or MDM. Any setting specified by a configuration cannot be changed manually by the user. For example, you can ensure that dictations are only transferred to specific servers using a specific protocol (FTP/SFTP/WebDAV).

After your Apple Business Manager account has been activated for Dictate⁺ Enterprise, you can install Dictate⁺ Enterprise on as many devices as you like. Without a license file, the app is limited to 30 seconds per dictation. We also offer every interested organization a free, no-strings-attached 4 week trial license of Dictate⁺ Enterprise. For your request, you can simply reuse the ticket in which you sent us your organization information for the activation.

You order a certain number of users for your organization and we’ll invoice you for all users collectively. If your organization is located within the EU, you will receive an invoice from us directly. For customers outside the EU, our payment service provider and “Merchant of Record” will handle payment and invoices.

Within the EU, you pay for your Dictate⁺ Enterprise license preferably by bank transfer. Outside the EU, determines the available payment methods; usually credit card, PayPal and bank transfer are available.

We offer Dictate⁺ Enterprise with 3-month and annual billing.

The more users you order, the lower the price per user will be. Contact us with your required number of users for a personal quote.

An increase in the number of users is possible at any time. In this case, we will charge you the difference to the previously ordered number of users pro rata based on the remaining term. Decreasing the number of users is only possible at the time of renewal.

We will be happy to answer all your questions at

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